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The Entwining Circle - A New Love Story by Bill Dicksion

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Hard times have hit Troy Dean Talbert’s family in Oklahoma. His father Tom has been losing his crops to drought. When the bank forecloses on their farm, Tom is forced to move his family to California. However, an incident occurs that allows Troy to graduate from high school and not have to move west with his family. He hopes to marry his sweetheart but instead she marries someone else. He is devastated, joins England’s Royal Air Force, and becomes a war hero.

When Troy is badly wounded, he is ordered to recuperate at Lady Ashley Wakley’s castle. Here he finds love and prospers. But Lady Ashley soon finds other diversions and leaves him, which plunges Troy into self-doubt again. His doctor tells him that he should return to where the trouble started; in order to find himself, he must go to where he lost his confidence. So he goes back to Oklahoma . . . .

The Entwining Circle follows Troy, who regains his confidence and also helps his family, who were caught in a cycle of tragic events: drought, war and greed. Troy finally realizes that his true home is in England with Ashley.

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A new historical novel set in 18th-century America. The harrowing tale of a young, indentured Irish immigrant.

It’s 1885 and famine has struck Ireland. Fifteen-year-old Egan is about to be flogged for stealing a few potatoes from the Earl’s land where his family live as serfs. His parents spirit him away to a sea captain who deals in indentured servants. And so, Egan’s journey from Ireland to the American colonies begins.

About half of the white immigrants to the American colonies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were indentured, a practice that endured, albeit on in a smaller scale, well into the nineteenth century. Egan’s Journey is the story of a boy who leaves his home in Ireland under threat of death for scavenging food for his starving siblings. Could America be his salvation? Egan’s knowledge of America was limited to stories he had heard about a place where people lived free, and land could be had by anyone willing to suffer through seven years as an indentured servant. Egan agrees to those terms and learns that the land you earn must be fought for.

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New Worlds To Conquer, just released on Amazon

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In this engrossing sequel to A Button in the Fabric of Time, a 21st century engineer travels into the 31st century. There he meets and marries a beautiful woman, and together they work to produce a heaven on earth where people never grow old and live far into the future, in a world free from want and pain. The land, air, and water are clean and pure. To save the land for productive use, people live in cities of glass floating on the ocean. Each city contains 40 levels, and people travel in transportation devices at the speed of thought. Robots do the work, but people supervise the robots. The engineer and his wife help bring people who have already died into the future to populate other planets. In the 31st century, people age, but don’t grow old; therefore, everyone is beautiful and looks 25.

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A New Edition of Sagebrush

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New 2013 edition of Sagebrush

Bill Dicksion Has Just Released a New Edition of Sagebrush

“Still half asleep, Michael looked up at his parents sitting on the buckboard of their covered wagon and saw an arrow penetrate his father’s chest. Then he saw his mother being dragged from the wagon by two Indians. She was fighting them with all her might. He watched as one of the Indians hit her with his stone ax. His mother fell from the wagon and disappeared from his sight and from his life forever. Now he was alone.”

Sagebrush is the thrilling tale of a twelve-year old boy who is the lone survivor of an Indian attack on a small wagon train. Can he survive with just a knife and an axe, as he is relentlessly hunted by the greatest warriors of the Comanche Nation?

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Sagebrush - an iBookstore Breakout Book AGAIN!

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breakout books clip-3

Apple iBookstores has just featured 16 books in its Breakout Books spotlight, and Sagebrush is there again!

Best yet, the e-book is FREE!

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Sagebrush - an iBookstore Breakout Book!

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New 2013 edition of Sagebrush
We’re thrilled that Sagebrush has been selected as a Breakout Book at Apple’s iBookstore. This is a great honor, and we’re looking forward to introducing Sagebrush and Bill’s many other titles to new readers. Sagebrush is a rivetting tale of a 12-year-old boy, the lone survivor of an Indian attack on a small wagon train. How can he survive? All he has is a knife and an ax, and he is relentlessly hunted by the greatest warriors of the Comanche Nation.

Learn more about the Breakout Books feature at the Smashwords Blog
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Beyond the Valley of the Mist- A Stone Age YA Romance

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Beyond the Valley of the Mist, a YA saga set in the Stone Age

William “Bill” Dicksion has just released his 7th novel, a riveting tale of courage and adventure set in the Stone Age. Two young couples want to marry, but the law requires that girls must first be impregnated by the priests. Girls who refuse are sacrificed to the Fire God. Determined to avoid this fate, the couples are determined to escape and find a better life.

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Seven Books and Counting!

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William "Bill" Dicksion, Author

William “Bill” Dicksion has published six novels and a memoir, with more books on the way. Bill puts a new twist on the Old West, so come and have a look-see pardners. Take a quick glance at Bill’s books below, or pick up a copy at in e-book format or in paperback at

Danny. A story boldly told of a young frontiersman who was forced to right a wrong and thereby makes powerful enemies. To escape the unjust wrath of a crooked sheriff and banker, Danny flees into the hostile Cherokee Nation. This is the West in all its grandeur.
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Legend of the Lost
Legend of the Lost is an adult western yarn about a boy and a girl who grow up on the American frontier and find a wealth of gold hidden in the bottom of a lake. The gold has a curse on it that changes their lives forever.
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A Brief Moment in Time: A Memoir. A child grows up during the Great Depression of the nineteen thirties in Dust Bowl Oklahoma, and becomes a man just when Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is bombed. Trials, both good and bad, are told and the unusual adventures of the child stir the heart of anyone who shares them.
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New 2013 edition of Sagebrush

Sagebrush is a thrilling tale about a twelve-year old boy being the lone survivor of an Indian attack on a small wagon train. How can he survive? All he has is a knife and an ax, and he is relentlessly hunted by the greatest warriors of the Comanche Nation.
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Puma Son of Mountain Lion
Puma Son of Mountain Lion is the sequel to Sagebrush. The protagonist, Puma, is a half-Indian boy who is away from his village undergoing the rites of manhood. When he returns, he finds his village destroyed by a warring tribe and his family slain. His mother dies in his arms and says . . .
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A Button in the Fabric of Time
A Button in the Fabric of Time. Bill has done it again with a brand new novel. This one is sci-fi, in which the hero, Gus, travels a thousand years into the future. He is able to do this with a time-travel device given to him by futuristic people who need his help. There he finds a paradise where people live youthful lives for hundreds of years and strive for immortality.

“What an imagination,” writes Honolulu Star-Bulletin reviewer Betty Shimabukuro. “Honolulu resident Dicksion’s self-published sci-fi novel centers on a magic button or, rather, a scientifically advanced button that allows the lead character, engineer Augustus Wilder, to travel through time and space.”

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A Man Called Ty
A Man Called Ty. The Civil War has devastated the South and carpetbaggers are taking whatever they can. Ty leaves his farm and goes to search for his father who has not returned after the war. Ty finds his father dying. He goes home only to find his mother and sister killed and his land taken over by carpetbaggers. This is a story richly told of adversity and triumph.
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Bill Has Gone Digital!

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E-books are here to stay, so author William Wayne Dicksion has published his books with View all his e-books and buy them here.


Congratulations Bill!

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Congratulations on publishing your books. We’re thrilled for you and Millie. We look forward to enjoying them all. You know how we love to read in bed! Nice job on your blog. I’ll keep in touch.

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